From the Mouthes of Babes

Mother’s Day reports from my children, Red’s are in red, Blue’s are in blue (obviously.)

My mom is 33 , 32 years old.

My mom weighs 78 , 50 pounds.

My mom’s favorite color is dark shade of purple , purple.

My mom’s favorite food is salad , nanaimo bars.

My mom always says “Get Ready!” , “Clean up.”

My mom cooks the best orange chicken , food & macaroni.

My mom’s job is teaching piano so she can watch me at the same time , work for the family.

My mom laughs when my dad makes a joke , when I laugh.

If my mom had time, she would love to read , clean.

My mom and I like to cook together , eat ice cream.

My mom really loves when I give her presents , hugs.

I LOVE my mom she because she’s my mom , she cooks really good things.


To Mommy,

I love you because…

… you read to me.

… you gave birth to me.

… you give me book fair money.

… you buy me clothes.

… you take me places.

… you wash my clothes.

Happy Mother’s day!


Blue made one for me at school as well. But I lost it. It was hilarious. If it hasn’t yet been recycled I will add it in when I find it.


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