The times and seasons of my life have never been so apparent as they have been during my adulthood. Music has waned and waxed, I’ve been social and craved solitude, I’ve been anxious to do and eager to simplify. These days I read. I read to the children, with the children, and for the children. I read for work and I read as work. I read for instruction, I read for knowledge, and I read for fun. These days I am a sponge and many things take a back seat while I absorb as many thoughts, ideas, experiences, and perspectives as I can. They shall percolate within me for a long time, and hopefully I will be a better person for it. Unless interrupted too much while I’m reading, reading makes me a kinder person.


2 Responses to Read

  1. feathersky says:

    I’m jealous of all your reading! I’ve been trying to read…but my brain is too tired to get in any good books. I read a page and then think, “wait…I have no idea what I just read.” Someday I’ll sleep again! 😛

    • Zen Mama says:

      Yeeeeeaaaaaah, my baby is a six year old. It’s different. I couldn’t string a sentence together or read Hop on Pop when he was William’s age. You’ll get there! In the meantime you’ve got a baby you get to snuggle and for that I envy you.

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