So Hollywood

November 25, 2013

One day Paul got a phone call from the director of the community theatre. “You didn’t come to auditions,” he said. It was true, Paul had missed the auditions because we were hosting the annual reunion of his college buddies. “Come in tonight and read for me.”

So he did, with the boys in tow because it was a Wednesday night and I was busy with the Young Women at church. They planned rehearsals around my schedule, never once on a Wednesday, and last month had a three week run of Blithe Spirit, with Paul playing the good doctor, the straight man in a comedy.

More recently Paul took the boys to a reading at the library and on Friday night they filmed the commercial. Paul is now the face of Dewey D, the library spokesman.

Neither of these are of the same caliber as ACME, but it sure is fun for Paul to have this creative outlet.



November 24, 2013

It actually wasn’t a secret, but it wasn’t advertised either. Two weeks ago I went back to Glendale. I was gone for less than 48 hours and most of them were spent traveling or sleeping. (Yeah, you’re right, I didn’t sleep much.)

I went out for a meeting, so most of my time was spent working. It was crazy to drive the same streets I had known so well for eight years, to see what has changed and what hadn’t at all. I got to stay with friends (because I work with friends), I got to see my sister in law and my amazing nephews, and I held court at Mexicali to visit with friends from school, staying until the only way out of the restaurant was the side.

And then it was over, like a dream. I was pleased that my navigation of the area hasn’t dimmed at all. I was happy to see friends and family. I felt strange going back without making a bold statement, without making attempts to see everyone.

I had fun. But I was happy to get back home to my family. While I do still and always will miss my friends, I am happy that I no longer live there. I do not miss California, but I am so glad for the memories.


November 20, 2013

Sometimes I delude myself into thinking that music is a luxury my time cannot afford. After all, I have three jobs, two children for whom I volunteer heavily at school, one very demanding calling at church, and a household to run.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m home all day (although I’m really not) and my kids are in school, why my house is not spotless. As soon as I come to that understanding I wonder why I ever think I have time to play the piano. It is play, after all, and I am an industrious work horse.

It bothers me when I get thinking this way, because it is incorrect. Unfortunately I get this way often.

Music is not a luxury, music is a necessity.

Just as I tend to cheat my workouts when I’m alone, I cheat my music time without a purpose. While these next three weeks are busy enough I’m grateful to be working on some pieces for The Community Nativity, a solo and an accompanying piece. As I practiced last night it calmed my anxious go-go-go heart.

Healing me.