Sometimes I delude myself into thinking that music is a luxury my time cannot afford. After all, I have three jobs, two children for whom I volunteer heavily at school, one very demanding calling at church, and a household to run.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m home all day (although I’m really not) and my kids are in school, why my house is not spotless. As soon as I come to that understanding I wonder why I ever think I have time to play the piano. It is play, after all, and I am an industrious work horse.

It bothers me when I get thinking this way, because it is incorrect. Unfortunately I get this way often.

Music is not a luxury, music is a necessity.

Just as I tend to cheat my workouts when I’m alone, I cheat my music time without a purpose. While these next three weeks are busy enough I’m grateful to be working on some pieces for The Community Nativity, a solo and an accompanying piece. As I practiced last night it calmed my anxious go-go-go heart.

Healing me.


One Response to Music

  1. feathersky says:

    Hurray for a blog post!!! Double hurray that you are playing piano! I wish I could hear it!

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