Discovering Vancouver: FlyOver Canada

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Geographically, Canada is the second-largest country in the world. Yet few of Canada’s proud residents can boast having seen most of it’s wild expanse. Canadians and visitors alike will love FlyOver Canada,  a new installation in Canada Place in Vancouver.

It’s a ride very much like Soarin’ Over California, in Disneyland’s California Adventure. FlyOver Canada is a 4-D show which allows you to experience Canada from East to West in a way you never have before: you can see the sights, hear the rushing water, feel the breeze and mist, and even smell some of the scents of Canada’s wild nature. You travel from East to West, and conclude with the dancing aurora borealis. (The Territories were excluded as the Northern Lights were filmed in Churchill, Manitoba, but frankly it’s impossible to show all of Canada in under ten minutes. A handful of provinces are also missing.)

FlyOver Canada technically qualifies as a ride: your seat is raised from the floor and your feet swing as you view the huge dome screen. It’s a flight simulation and it’s quite mild but the very sensitive may have a difficult time. (My stepmother missed half of it because she had to close her eyes for nausea; I felt it was more stable than the California counterpart.) Children must be at least 40″ tall and accompanied by a grown up.

We attended over Christmas, and found a small holiday overlay to parts of the film as we were tasked with helping Santa identify three errant reindeer. I have it on good authority that January will feature Chinese New Year. My brother went several months ago and said there was no holiday theme when he went.

Image of Lake of Hanging Glaciers, British Columbia, from FlyOver Canada homepage.

Canada is naturally diverse. The people behind FlyOver Canada worked hard for years to capture the essence in eight minutes. It takes your breath away to see it from coast to coast like that. I’m woman enough to admit that I was overcome and shed more than a few tears at the majesty of this country I love so much. It was a beautiful film. This is a must for visitors and Canadians alike.

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