All the News that’s Fit to Print

Yeah, I guess the Valentine’s post of this morning was a bit of a surprise after my year-long hiatus. I’d call it a sabbatical but I had been blogging more than seven years before the break.

It’s just that with Little Bird Tales and Cherry Blossoms {The Blog} and teaching piano and volunteering at school and serving my two callings and learning to put myself on the list I just couldn’t write about myself.

I did a lot of reading, though. Sometimes I run out of words and ideas and need to refill.

I’ve been busy. And I am busier. This winter I had a very strong impression to get a real job. So as soon as the kids went back to school in January I started working as a legal secretary.

Because I am a delusional crazy person I thought I could add a thirty-hour a week job to my life and not drop anything I was juggling. Of course I was wrong. There have been adjustments. There have been hiccups. There have been surprises. Paul and I are working through everything and wrapping our heads around our new reality. Not everything that’s going on is ready yet for prime time.

As soon as I started working all sorts of expensive calamities hit us, so we are no further with our goals than before but I finally have the emotional resilience to not completely shut down with these expensive surprises. It’s so nice to be able to say “well that sucks, there goes my paycheque” instead of panicking about another charge on our card that’ll never get paid off.


Maybe this is the missing link to the mystery of my high blood pressure. Regardless, it feels good to be contributing to the family finances and I enjoy working. Now I just need to figure out exercising, cooking, cleaning, laundry, and keeping up with my other jobs, callings, and volunteer commitments. I just emailed a request to be released from one of my callings (the less demanding one) and one big volunteer thing wraps up in two weeks, so that’ll help. The job will not be long term, and there’s some comfort there, too.


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