My Funny Valentine

Against all odds we went on our Valentine’s date without children and on Valentine’s Day. I guess we are starting to get the hang of things. (Valentine’s Day being on a Saturday was a major player in this success as Saturdays are very good days for me, had the holiday been another day is likely have campaigned to celebrate on Saturday anyway.)

We had reservations for some fancy restaurant in town but cancelled the day before when we realized we wouldn’t be able to order off the regular menu, the whole night was a special Valentine’s menu with a prix fixe of $75 per person.

So we went to our favourite pizza place, Cavalli. We got there ten minutes after they opened (sun still shining) and had no problem getting a seat. We were definitely the best dressed. But our strawberry spinach salad was on point and our lobster pizza was good and we were as well fed as we would have been for so much more elsewhere.

At the end of the meal he excused himself to talk with whom we believe to be the owner because he noticed the Help Wanted sign on the door and he’s always wanted to learn how to cook with a wood fired oven and even though he already has a good job and it’s a demanding one maybe they’d let him work just a few hours a week and was it tacky and did I mind if he talked to them on our Valentine’s date? I didn’t mind. I was happy to see him so happy. I pulled out my phone and sent some young women related texts while he was away. Non conventional, perhaps, but he was so happy when he returned with an application that it made my night.

We had a quick errand to run, which followed our meal. We needed a specific design of duck tape which we had been informed was only available at Walmart so we took the childless opportunity to go to Satan’s Playground. It was 6 pm on Valentine’s Day at the parking lot was packed. We did not quickly find what we needed because store layouts are becoming increasingly poorly planned but eventually we did and quickly made our escape, laughing at how we really know how to do a classy date.

Who cares? We are old people who went to dinner at 5.

I’ve had it in my head for weeks that I wanted a real dessert. Something special, something decadent. So we set out in search of a bakery still open and found one near our farmers market with twenty minutes to spare. We left with caramel pecan apple bread. Not exactly the pastry or other special treat I had in mind but it looked really good and had won Taste of Coppell so we tried it. (And also because we are old boring people who don’t eat sugar often.)

We picked up the boys from our friends place, with whom we had swapped babysitting, got them to bed on time, and curled up on the couch to finally watch Better Call Saul where I fell asleep. (Not because of the show. Because I’m an old person.)

And we were happy.


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