Different. Just Like Everybody Else. 

“You’d make a really great hipster if you weren’t so counterculture.”

I’m pretty sure it was a compliment. And since it was just about the only thing he’s said to my face in a week (and was gone again before I awoke) then I’m counting it.

It was about making gifts (I had just finished a baby blanket) and I reflected that while I have been making gifts since before it was cool, it’s probably best if the blanket I made for him 17 years ago doesn’t see the light of day.

He followed up with a remark that we were the coolest people at South By Southwest last month. I don’t know about that, but give how infrequently I brush my hair and wear “going out of the house clothes” I think it’s good he still think I’m cool. I guess him traveling so much lessens the reality of just how dowdy I am.


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