Health Is Relative

I made it to the gym! It was the first time since mid-pregnancy and I was pleased to see that the work I had been doing at home to regain some strength paid off and I wasn’t a total mess. Even better: this was the first time I had ever left Little Man and he […]

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Coup d’État

Inspired by a talk in church this morning the boys are staging a coup to overthrow the supposed “un-benevolent” monarchy. Elections for rule of the bedroom will be held tomorrow night during Family Home Evening. Campaign posters have already gone up around the house and speeches are being rehearsed. Reporting to you from behind enemy […]

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Take Out Date Night

Have I told you this one yet? It’s my favourite thing since pajama parties (that date night swap we had going with two other friends in California.) Step One: Feed the kids something fun like macaroni and give them iPad time so they are so happy they don’t notice you aren’t eating.  Step Two: ON […]

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Family Governance 

In a discussion this weekend on types of government the boys pointed out to their dismay that our family is not a democracy but a monarchy.  “True,” I agreed. “But it’s a Benevolent Monarchy!” They have spent the rest of the weekend telling me I am “anything but a benevolent monarch.” You may all sleep […]

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