Let’s Play A Game

Inspired by Sariah, I had Paul fill out a few questions while I was trying to get the baby to sleep last night.
What is something I always say?
I’m tired.
What makes me happy?

Spending quality time with family / spending quiet time by yourself.
What makes me sad?

When the boys don’t do things they should to their own detriment.
What was I like as a child?

Driven / inquisitive / obedient / shy (I didn’t know you but that sounds about right based on stories).
How tall am I?

5’4 (?)
What’s my favorite thing to do?

Sleep / plan things (though you might outwardly say something else you like to plan)
What do I do when you are not around?

Get frustrated that I’m not available to help.
If I become famous, what will it be for?

An act of selfless kindness in the midst of a traumatic situation.
What am I good at?

Everything you work at – Piano, writing, baking, planning, parenting.
What am I not good at?

Being patient with Blue (but that’s an unbelievably difficult thing to do).
What makes you proud of me?

Your initiative – from “camp mama” to knowing all of the cool places to go wherever we are – although you get frustrated you’re a doer and an optimist.*
What is my favorite food?

It really depends on mood – you have a lot of favorites.
What do we do together?

Talk, try to get the baby to sleep, share each other’s company.
How are you and I the same?

Both tired. We love the boys. I’m not as musical as you, but we’re both musical. You’re creative and I think I have some creativity.
Where is my favorite place to eat?

Home / Italy / Hawaii.
If I could go anywhere, where would it be?

Vancouver / Victoria?
Do you think you could live without me FOREVER?

If I had to – but it would be very sad and lonely.

How do I annoy you?

I love you and I like to hear you tell me about your day(s) and everything that’s going on – but sometimes I just don’t have much to say and I have a legitimate hearing disability and it frustrates me that you get so upset that I don’t remember everything or that I don’t talk much.
What is your favorite thing about me?

Your determination and intelligence. Physically, I love your smile.
*verbally he clarified that I act like an optimist but speak like a pessimist. I’ve spent a lot of time chewing that over, he’s absolutely right.

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