Creating Zion

Zion has been on my mind quite a bit lately.  We’ve been in the house for almost four years, so by this point we have developed layers of relationships with people (primarily those at church.) We have served with them, served them, been served by them. We meet at church, we meet professionally, we meet in social settings both formal and informal. The more we interact the more unified we are becoming. 

If you aren’t familiar with knitting (or crocheting which is my preferred method but a more awkward verb to use) it is the process of taking yarn and through twists and other manipulations, creating something that is sturdy, warm, and useful. The layers of our relationships knit us together in a similar fashion. 

When I think of Zion I don’t think of large marble edifices. To me Zion is much more like a warm sweater. It is a state of being where we have made space within our souls for each other.

This state of Zion which we create together is the perfect medium for our own refinement. That’s where we can practice all the virtues we seek to emulate. It’s easy to be compassionate with someone when you know their struggles. It’s easy to be patient with someone when you understand their history. It’s much easier to forgive someone if the trespass is not the only interaction you’ve had. 

For most of us, creating Zion requires us to go out of our comfort zones. We need to do the work, perform the service, be at the crossroads of life. We need to rejoice with the highs and mourn with the lows. We need to listen to each other and we need to share of ourselves. And when we do, we catch a glimpse of Heaven. 

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