Intro to Camp Mama

Cross-posted from Cherry Blossoms The Blog.


We have only a few brief summers with our children before they are grown and gone. With my oldest we have long passed the halfway mark. If I sit too long and contemplate this I can work myself up to be quite sad about the whole thing, but that doesn’t solve anything. Instead I vow to make the most of my precious little time with them.

Last year, between my pregnancy and my full time job, was a bit of a bummer summer. The kids ate too much junk food, watched too much tv, and played too many games on the iPad. I hear you say “that’s my kid’s dream summer!” but children tire of that, and all of those are depressing behaviours, not conducive to feelings of joy and self worth.

This year I am, I admit, overcompensating for the bummer summer. This year we are going to have themed weeks wherein our crafts, activities, and field trips are organized within a unifying framework. I call this Camp Mama. I have consulted with the experts (my 9 and 11 year old sons) and have gathered resources and I am so excited to get started!

JOIN US for Camp Mama. Every Monday I will post the run-down of the previous week. I will include links, photos, everything you need to copy us (and probably a couple of stories of how we absolutely failed.) You won’t have a week identical to ours, due to different personalities, availability of resources, etc., but you can create your own version of Camp Mama that fits you and you will have a summer to remember! Let’s fill this summer with so many memories our children won’t know where to start when they get back to school and have to share with they did over the break.

With a little bit of planning your summer can be both organized and spur of the moment. I find it helpful to have the kids stick to a regular routine of daily must-dos. (I used to call it “first school, then pool.”) My children have to read for 20 minutes, write a page, make their beds, tidy their room, brush their teeth, clean up after breakfast, and practice piano. On days without a solid plan they have to have it all done before I feed them lunch. On days with a schedule they need to do them first thing. This will not change for Camp Mama, unless I let them know that writing will be incorporated into an activity later in the day. The reading will be self-selected but should fit the weekly theme.



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