Camp Mama: Olympics

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Olympic Week We love the Olympics! In our house we’re cheering for Team USA, Team Canada, Team Italia, Team Refugee, and, well — Everyone! It’s just so exciting to witness the indomitable human spirit. To keep contrast and opposition in the world I prefer to watch the Olympics while eating ice cream. I like to think it helps the athletes do better. *wink* But I digress. Anyway, this week we celebrated with some Olympic events of our own.

Monday: Table Tennis
It makes me giggle a little when I think of it, but table tennis is an Olympic sport. Good ol’ ping pong is harder than it appears and the boys were eager to give it a shot. Our local community center offers table tennis so we picked up a buddy and headed over for the afternoon. Who would have thought they could play so long? After over an hour of wrestling a baby who didn’t nap I finally pulled the plug on the activities but the boys could have gone on much longer and can’t wait to go back.

I was so proud of him for never giving up or getting discouraged. That little white ball seems to want to go anywhere except the intended target. But with time they really improved!
In this case not bodyslamming, but congratulating teammates for a goal.

Tuesday: Hockey
The plan was to go to the rink and skate, but it just so happened that last week was the U17 Five Nations Tournament hosted in Frisco, Texas. We caught the USA vs Switzerland game and had so much fun! We were prepared to pay something in admission and were pleasantly surprised that it was a free tournament (with free parking, even.) We found seats near center ice and right against the glass. The boys got an absolute kick every time the players slammed into the glass, inches from us. As everyone in the group that went is learning to skate and learning to play hockey, it was very inspiring and motivational.

He may never be satisfied with nosebleed seats again.

Wednesday: Nerf Battle
Sure, there’s no Olympic sport that includes nerf, but there are shooting sports. We set all the boys from three families out in the backyard with a pitcher of ice water and stayed comfortably inside. Despite the triple digit temperatures they played for an hour!

Thursday: Swim
What’s better than heading to the pool on a hot day? Going with a friend. Our community pool is a summertime oasis so in addition to swimming the boys practiced their dives, tried the obstacle course, raced down the slides, and played shark with me and the baby.

Why isnt walking on water an Olympic sport?
Why isn’t walking on water an Olympic sport?

Friday: Cleaning
Did you know that cleaning is an Olympic sport? Well after a summer like ours, it certainly feels that way. Sure, there were other things we could have done, but I am really trying to keep the summer mess at bay, we’re so close to the end of summer and I didn’t want it all crashing on me at the end! Besides, with all this Olympic-themed adventuring we had been doing all week we were missing a very important piece of Olympic week: watching the Olympics.

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