No Sew DIY Porcupine Costume

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Easy No-Sew DIY Porcupine Costume

Do you need a last-minute costume? Maybe shipping is slow, maybe the costume is already ruined, or maybe, like me, this year has been short on time and energy and whatever else is required to get yourself organized. (And if you figure out whatever it is that’s needed to get all your ducks in a row please let me know. Unless it’s sleep, because that’s not going to happen and I don’t need you to rub it in. kthanks.)

Fortunately I was able to get this little one outfitted for the holiday without too much time or resources, and no sewing machine required!

Materials Required:
* brown base clothing: jumpsuit, shirt & pants, onesie, whatever fits your climate Bonus points if you have it in your drawer already. (For us this is the recycled base from costumes of yore — or older brothers.)
* brown faux fur
* black, brown, and white pipe cleaners
* velcro, snap, or button
* glue gun
* exacto knife
* scrap paper for making a template


1. Using a paper bag or whatever scrap paper you have, make a template for a cape to fit your child. Shape it like a bib, but bigger. Try it on your child while he runs away, decide it’s close enough, and boldly move on to step two.

2. Lay the paper template over the fur. Be sure that the fur is laying in the correct direction, you’ll want it top to bottom, not side to side and not bottom to top. Lie the fur face down so the template is on the back. Trace the template on the back of the fur.

3. Using an exacto knife, cut the fur from the back. DO NOT use scissors and cut from the fur, it will look weird and patchy and deformed and you’ll hate it. When cutting faux fur use a blade on the back side. Trust me.

4. Plug in your glue gun.

5. While the glue heats up, cut your pipe cleaner into approximately 4″ pieces.

6. As a precaution, put a bandaid on the finger you know you’re going to burn repeated with the hot glue. (Left hand index finger for me.)

7. Put a dab of glue on the end of a pipe cleaner, spread the fur a little, and glue it as close to the backing of the fur as possible. Stagger the colours and the placement of the pipe cleaners so there are no “lines” in your quills. I found it easiest to work from bottom up, but your mileage may vary.

A little dab of glue is all you need to secure the quills.
A little dab of glue is all you need to secure the quills. Also, notice that the direction of the fur is the direction of the quills.

8. When you’re pleased with the way it looks you’re ready for the fastener. I used a snap I had picked up at the fabric store, with velcro as my back-up plan.

Extra Mile: Use some of the excess fur to make shoe covers.

He’s soft and a little prickly, in real life too.

Extra Extra Mile: Make a hat with a ball of furry yarn (knit, crochet…) I bought some but in the end I decided that I didn’t have the time, and I remembered that it’s Second Summer here in Texas and there’s no way my little guy was going to wear a hat.

Why a cape? It sure makes getting in and out of the car seat easier, that’s for sure. Also when we picked him up the cape draped over our arms instead of being smashed between.

What else could you do with this cape? Glue feathers instead of pipe cleaners and you’ve got yourself a bird. Let your creativity run wild!


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