Christmas Crafting with the Kids

Cross-posted from Cherry Blossoms The Blog.


This is something you can do today.

If you open your pantry you probably have almost everything you’ll need, and the project doesn’t take long at all. We invited three families over and it took us less than an hour. Then they all scattered to play on the Swurfer and with our robots, leaving the mums a few minutes of fairly uninterrupted time to talk. It was a major save for some of us; the kids had started to unravel and this simple craft activated their creativity and shut down the crabbiness. Creativity is like that. We need it, our children need it, and we are often deficient in our opportunities for creative expression.

Last week I was visiting a friend and saw a pasta angel on her tree. “Oh there are three angels” she said, and I quickly found them all. I loved them and I knew they’d be easy enough for my crew to make. Don’t mind me while I photograph your ornaments.

Materials Needed:
Wooden craft balls (or another round object for head)
Pasta of various shapes (we used Rigatoni, Bowties, Wagon Wheels, Macaroni, although some opted to use Penne and some twisted egg noodles as well)
Couscous (this was for hair, if you’ve got a better/easier/cooler suggestion for hair I’d love to hear it! I didn’t love the couscous but didn’t know what else to use)
Glue gun
Pipe cleaner or string
Assorted accessories (we had wooden stars and hearts, snowflakes, and little bells)
Paint (optional, some kids went without and I loved their au naturel look!)

I laid out all the materials, gave the kids some basic suggestions, and told them to listen to their own creativity. They could paint before or after they glued or not at all, but the Mums would be there to help them.

All set up and waiting for our friends.

Our group consisted of 8 boys and 3 girls from four families ranging in age from 4 to 12. Everyone was able to participate and have fun. I was short on wooden beads or the Mums would have gladly crafted after the kids went to play! Next time I’ll make sure I’ve got enough supplies for the grown ups as well.


The children were very creative. Some used couscous and pasta for faces, some used penne for straight arms, but they all had fun and everyone, no screen time required. I love how unique each angel is and I loved listening to the children talk about what they are planning. It was a reset button for several kids who had started climbing the walls of winter break and picking on their siblings along the way.


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