Camp Mama: OgoSport Water Tournament

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It was 105 degrees and humid, but once the party heated up it was easier to forget the weather. After all, it was a mum vs. kids water fight!

We are ready for our water party!

We were one of 50 OgoSport Ogodisk H2O parties facilitated by Tryazon this week. Armed with plenty of Ogodisks, some branded items to give away, and water-themed refreshments (lime water and watermelon, of course!) we were ready to go. Tryazon is a company that facilitates home parties such as these to get products in the hands of consumers to try them out and share the word. This is my second Tryazon party, the first was last year’s Ozobot party.

The Ogodisk H2O pack comes with two disks and 50 water balloons.

After a brief intro to OgoSport (which stands for Oh-Go-Outside Sport) and Tryazon  we needed to familiarize ourselves with the Ogodisks. We also had all those prizes to dispense. After a few mini competitions we quickly met both goals.

Who can bounce a water balloon on their disk the most times?

In pairs, who can get the most bounces back and forth?

Who can throw the disk like a frisbee the farthest?

Once I had passed out all the gear everyone felt confident enough in their new toy to get down to business.

It was the Mums vs. Kids Water Fight! It was absolute mayhem and so much fun. Some used the disks to shield themselves from the water (hint: it doesn’t really work but you can at least choose when/where the balloon will explode.) Some used the disks to deflect the balloon and bounce it back to the person who threw it at them. And when the balloons were all gone they threw them like frisbees, which is extra fun when it’s soaking wet spitting water droplets as it flies by.

Saved! If you catch the balloon on the Ogodisk it doesn’t explode and you can then throw it back!

As for who won: definitely the mums. We won points for the fun party. We won points for letting our hair down and playing with the kids. We won points for giving our kids the memories of getting us with water balloons.

Every family went home with freebies and a pair of disks and fun memories. It’s summer. It’s hot. Get out and play with your kids! Water sports help and the Ogodisk H2Os are such a fun and easy way to bump up the party.

I want to do another party this summer with these disks. I want to test out these disks with colour bombs. (Think colour powder in something permeable like nylon stockings.) Wouldn’t that be fun? I’m not sure when I’ll do it, but when I do I’ll definitely let you know how it went.

Camp Mama follows a weekly theme to encourage diverse activities with the kids during the summer. See all our Camp Mama posts here.

I received the branded items free of charge to facilitate this party.
This party was sponsored by Tryazon and OgoSport.
The opinions presented in this post are mine and have been written in my own words.

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