To Infinity and Beyond with the Pumpkins in Dallas

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“All The Eternal Love I Have For The Pumpkins” at the DMA.

If it has been while since you’ve been to the DMA there has never been a better time to return. Now through February 25th you can immerse yourself in one of Yayoi Kusama’s famous infinity rooms. All The Eternal Love I Have For The Pumpkins marks Kusama’s return to her pumpkin rooms after a hiatus in 1991.  The exhibit has only just arrived and I have already visited three times. I kid you not. I will go again as often as I can before it is over. Even my 2-year old now gets excited and says “pumpkins!” as we wait in line.

Before you grab your camera and head out the door there are a few things you should know:

  1. While the DMA is free, special exhibits are not. Be prepared to pay $16 for anyone over the age of 11. Children 11 and under are free but will still require their own timed-entry ticket. You can purchase tickets here.
  2. If you have your children with you there are a few specific rules that apply: each child needs an adult (so if you have three children you will need you and two other adults,) and if you are holding your little one in your arms you may not also hold your camera.
  3. By all means bring your camera or phone with you for photos. You may not use flash so the pumpkins will definitely be brighter than you.
  4. You only have 45 seconds in the room. Have your camera already turned on so you don’t waste any time fidgeting with the settings when you should be looking around the room. Take it all in because 45 seconds goes by quickly.
  5. Inside the room it’ll be just you and one other guest as well as a security guard. You may not leave the platform on which you are standing nor can you squat down or lean over. (There was an incident with the exhibit in a previous city and the installation had to be shut down for repairs. We’d like to avoid that happening in Dallas, thanks.)
  6. Look up! Mirrors cover the entire room, even the ceiling.
  7. Breathe. My first visit I felt rushed — 45 seconds is just not enough time! — and took a whole bunch of blurry photos. The next time I entered I took the time to focus one or two shots and then slipped my phone in my pocket and just looked around. 45 seconds was indeed longer than I had thought.
The skeleton definitely makes the exhibit, if you ask me.

I found it both an intimate and an expansive experience. With each visit inside I’ve noticed different angles, or different perspectives. The more I go the more I love it. It’s an experience you don’t want to miss. Go this month to up your holiday selfie game, or go whenever your schedule allows and just bask in this immersive experience. When you finish don’t forget to check out the rest of the museum, there are treasures everywhere and you can view those as long as you wish.

I have nothing to disclose here. I have no special relationship with the Dallas Museum or Art, I’m simply a fan.

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