Butterfly Flutterby

Cross-posted from Cherry Blossoms {The Blog}.

Did you know that DFW is on the migration path for monarch butterflies as they go between Canada and Mexico? Every fall the city of Grapevine hosts an event not only to celebrate these majestic insects but to facilitate their journey. My family attended the Butterfly Flutterby today and I just can’t wait to share it with all of you.

To begin I must warn you that this is a very popular event. You should not expect to be able to park near the Grapevine Botanical Gardens. We parked on Wall Street and walked over, it’s not far.

The even begins with a costume parade (I was expecting Hallowe’en costumes given that it is the middle of October but everyone wore wings. They all stuck to the theme! How did I not even know there could be so many butterfly costumes in the world?) The costumers were led by a pipe band. Bagpipes make me happy and sad and nostalgic; basically I feel all the feels with bagpipes, but I blamed my streaking mascara on the heat of the day.

The event is well-supplied with craft tables and community support personnel and giveaways, all of which contributed to a fun festival atmosphere. My 2-year old liked the remote control police car the best.

We opted not to stand in line to receive our own butterfly to release at the appropriate time. The organizers scheduled several releases throughout the day to facilitate families’ schedules and to allow everyone who wants to release a butterfly the opportunity to do so. Instead we watched and observed.

I did not have the transcendent experience I had imagined, of millions of butterflies swirling around me. (I have a great imagination.) But it was nice to see some up close and to watch them explore the park before heading south.


We didn’t stay long because we had other scheduling conflicts for the day, because we were melting in the heat, and because our 2-year old was tired, but we stayed long enough to see the butterflies off and that was enough. We will definitely go again next year.

Locals: have you been? What did you think?

If you aren’t local but live along the path of migration, does you area have a similar festival? If not, maybe you should lobby to get one going.


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