Playgroup Gift Walk, A New Tradition

Cross-posted from Cherry Blossoms {The Blog}.

Aren’t White Elephant parties great? It’s so fun to get together with your friends, revel in the holiday season, and see who gets stuck with the most bizarre gift. This year I’m making a few changes and bringing it to the preschool set.

Rule #1: no shopping. We are spending enough money this season, the idea here is to regift or pass along a book or toy that would otherwise be donated or sold at the garage sale. It still has life in it and one of your friends may love it.

Rule #2: wrapped gifts. This is optional, depending on your crowd. Unwrapped gifts could be fun, although they come with the added element of danger — will the little ones brawl over the one beloved toy? I prefer the element of surprise over the element of danger. Besides, I love wrapping paper.

Prepare the room with squares on the floor in a circle. You can number them, put letters on them, or use colours, or images. Make a master sheet of all the squares. (Bonus: make it into a spinner.) You’ll also need music to play. I’m anticipating a large crowd so I’m going to use my bluetooth speaker, but if the crowd isn’t too rowdy then your phone should suffice.

It’s like a cake walk but without the diabetes! Have the children walk in a circle over the squares on the floor until the music stops. Call out a number (or letter, or colour, or image.) The child on the corresponding square leaves the circle and selects a prize from the table. Continue playing until every child has a gift.

Ready for the party to begin! Which would you choose?

You can set a theme or keep it random. Books, toys, music are all great ideas if you want to keep to a theme.

Set out some healthy snacks and make it a party! Bonus points: dress in tacky sweaters.

Keep it fun, friends! I’m hoping to make this a new holiday tradition for my playgroup.


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