A Fantastic Story

This weekend is going to make such a great story in the future. From middle of the night visits with our local fire department (yes, in our home, yes, because we called them,) to a puking child, to research on new furnace units, to me deciding the best way to deal with all of this stress is by starting to remove popcorn from the ceiling over the bar … Of course we all know that if I smooth the smallest segment of ceiling I’m going to then want the rest of the house to match. I have begun a huge, messy undertaking. I should really have done this before we moved in and got settled.

More later, after we recover from the weekend.

One thought on “A Fantastic Story

  1. I hope you text me or post before/after photos of your de-popcorn project!

    Oy for having to call the fire department in the middle of the night and everything else!

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