Return of the Happy Homeowner: Bathroom Remodel Edition

It’s been years since I’ve posted any Happy Homeowner installments. It’s been so long, in fact, that I nearly forgot I had written any at all. The day-to-day life has been too busy to begin any big projects. I had been thinking about redoing our hall bathroom since we moved into the house. March of this year, nearly spur-of-the-moment, I decided it was time.

I had asked my children what they wanted to do for spring break this year. Last year we did a field trip adventure every day of the week. We explored all over North Texas. This year they told me they didn’t want to do anything. “Can we please just stay home and chill out?” (That’s code for video games if you don’t have teen- and tween-aged boys.) “Sure.” I replied. “I’ll work on the bathroom and you guys can watch your little brother.”

The bathroom in question. There’s no natural light in this room but the bones aren’t terrible. I knew I could make this into something I didn’t hate.

All of spring break should be plenty of time to scrape off the old texture, fix up the walls, and repaint. Right?

I’ll never understand why every house in Texas has textured walls. I’ve come to live with the knock-down texture throughout the rest of our house. The bathroom, however, was a different story. From my investigations behind the toilet I know that the bathroom had been wallpapered a couple of times before some previous owner decided to texture instead. Fine. The wallpaper samples I removed were not my taste. But why, why why?! Why did they choose the same rough texture from the stucco houses of my childhood to put in a room where people are naked? Why?!

(The good news about seeing the history of the wall from behind the toilet tank is the comfort in knowing the texture is relatively new and completely safe. Please if your home has old texture on the walls or ceiling have it tested for asbestos before you begin any project.)

No room in which a person is naked should have walls like this. Even if we forget the bath and shower aspect of the bathroom, I’ve scratched my hands multiple times just turning on and off the lights. Who thought this was a good idea?

The bathroom was a cave, the walls covered in stalagcites. Spring break would be the end of me feeling embarrassed when guests needed to use the bathroom. Finally!

I pinned some inspiration, read some tutorials, and started before I could talk myself out of it.

It was time for a showdown. I would win. That was the only end game possible.

Tune in next time for the roll out of the project, figuring it out as I go along, changing the plans midway, and falling apart over nuts and bolts.


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