Nordic Christmas: Jolabokaflod

Jolabokaflod. The word just rolls off your tongue, doesn’t it? Okay, maybe it doesn’t, but the concept is brilliant: yule book flood. Iceland is the most literate country in the world. In fact, what the Sears catalog was to us as children, marking the beginning of the Christmas season, the Bokatidindi is to Icelanders. The […]

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Nordic Christmas: Cookies

Oh Christmas baking, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways … There are many ways to learn about a new culture, but my favourite is through food. By eating the foods of another culture, partaking in this more primal act, I feel more connected to a people. Bonus points if I cook […]

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Nordic Christmas: Julbord

Julbord, the Christmas feast, was the first thing I planned to do when I conceptualized Nordic Christmas. I knew IKEA hosted a Julbord every year and I thought that looked like a lot of fun. Unfortunately I missed the date of the Julbord at our local IKEA! Instead I copied their menu, but with half […]

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Nordic Christmas: Hygge All the Way

The Danes credit their happiness to hygge. Surely they’re on to something for ranking in the top of the World Happiness Rankings year over year.  It’s been a couple of years that I’ve been trying to incorporate more hygge into our family. I really embrace the concept. I’ll confess, however, that slowing down and enjoying the moment […]

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Nordic Christmas: Saffron Rolls

Early in my research for Nordic Christmas I found recipes for saffron rolls everywhere. I’m no stranger to bread-making, and I even keep saffron in my spice cabinet, so this task did not daunt me at all. However, on my recent trip to IKEA I noticed they had some Saffron Rolls in the freezer section. […]

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Nordic Christmas: Himmeli

File this under: things I don’t know how I lived without. Finnish Himmeli are geometric creations made from straws or any other hollow tube shaped object. They are enchanting! I started by buying a pack of coffee stirrers in red. I’m making Christmas ornaments, after all!  Side note: don’t you just love the way the […]

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Nordic Christmas: Julbock

It surprised me to discover that while reindeer are so prominent in our Christmas traditions, that they did not play such an outsized role in their own lands. Instead the Julbock is the main Christmas animal. Jul, as you know, means yule and refers to the season and the holiday, and bock means goat. Julbock […]

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