Nordic Christmas: Straw Ornaments

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This post is part of our series exploring Nordic Christmas traditions. To see the entire collection, visit the Nordic Christmas home page.

I’m a doer. Maybe you’ve discovered that by now? I love to try all the things. This especially applies to crafts from around the world. So when I learned that straw ornaments are a big part of Nordic Christmas decor I determined I would learn how to make them.

Laugh with me, please.

I had momentarily forgotten that December is bonkers crazy and I don’t even know where to buy the straw. Sometimes I can tackle a big project, but sometimes I need to learn my limits.

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So instead I ordered a set of really lovely ornaments online. They are lovely and pain free. They didn’t take me hours of failure, neglecting my family and responsibilities in the process. Nor did they make a mess throughout the whole house. They arrived at my doorstep ready to adorn my tree.

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While they feel delicate, they seem durable enough for their purpose. Without a second thought I opened the box and told my youngest two boys to place them on the tree or wherever they saw fit. No stress from me. No nerves, either. With so many glass ornaments in this world I am grateful for more family friendly options!

I’m all about handicrafts. I love that these ornaments rose in popularity because people used the resources at their disposal to make something beautiful. Many of us don’t have an abundance of straw with which we can learn the folding and plaiting techniques required. Fortunately we don’t have to miss out on these charming, rustic treasures. Let us celebrate the end of the grain harvest!

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