Let Food Be Thy Medicine

I took Fat Tuesday at its word and ate like I was giving up food for lent.

In reality, while I’m not catholic, I have decided to give up sugar for lent.

I successfully curbed my sugar consumption several years ago, but things lapsed a little during my last pregnancy. There were basically no rules after the baby was born. But here I am three years later and I just don’t understand how it got so bad. (Oh wait, I do: I eat to stay awake.)

But how on earth did I decide to cut sugar right as my toddler has decided to cut naps? (I realize that many children drop their naps at this time, but not mine. And especially not now because Mama needs her naps.) What kind of an idiot cuts out her only coping mechanism?

This lady. Right here. Apparently I’ve taken “let food be thine medicine” to mean that food will solve all of my problems.

But here I am, getting back on track.

One thought on “Let Food Be Thy Medicine

  1. I meant to comment on this forever ago. How did Lent go for you? I need to curb sugar too. I say that as I’ve just put brownies in the oven… haha

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