Life Lessons from the Move

We moved from Texas to Michigan. It was quick in the beginning and slow in the end. It was excruciating and wonderful and everything in between.

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Moving – everything goes!

Nothing had gone according to plan. (Well, one thing did: we got an offer on our second day of showings. Yay us!) Yet despite nothing going to plan everything has worked out. I was explaining to the children that we just have to roll with all the surprises and that it is teaching us to be more flexible. “You mean like when I put my feet behind my head?” asked my middle son. “No,” I replied. “We are learning emotional flexibility.”

I’m also learning to more appropriately name my emotions. A wise friend recently taught me that we use anger to mask other emotions, those we may find less valid or less acceptable or less comfortable. On a particularly stressful day I expressed that I was angry but immediately realized I wasn’t angry. I was frustrated by the road blocks, I was overwhelmed by what was required of me. Being able to properly name my emotions strengthened me and gave me perspective. I hope I can share this lesson with my children.

We faced so many glitches with this move. In addition to move-related annoyances we totaled our only car. Many move-related issues didn’t work as promised and some of the people assigned to help us let us down.

Despite all of that we are happy and healthy. We put an offer on a house before I had even seen it, and while it definitely has some quirks and continues to surprise us, I think hope it is going to be a great home for our family. The sellers were friendly and kind – they had even introduced us to some neighbors before the sale was final. The boys have both settled in their new schools. Even better: they didn’t have to transfer because our new home is still in the same district as the home of my inlaws. (We had been crashing with them for a month and a half before we got into the new house.)

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The house needed a lot of work before we could move in. So exhausting! (He’s not the only one who took a nap on the new carpet.)

Just as I feel tired after a particularly good yoga class, I feel weary from the move. Physically and emotionally have stretched and grown. I am grateful for the lessons I have learned about life and about myself. And now I am ready for a rest. I hope I can remember these lessons.

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