Family Tech Summit

In our house technology is a tool. It is not moral: neither good nor bad. While it can be used for good and it can be used for bad, in and of itself it is neither. Technology is just a tool. As my children grow we find ourselves needing to reevaluate our relationship with and […]

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The Breath Comes First

I started to recognize the signs. I knew what was coming and there was no way to stop it. There is no way to override biology or turn back the clock. It has taken me a lifetime to begin to accept that life is not linear, but cyclical. I know that when I cycle this […]

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Eat All the Food

I texted a photo of Lugano to my friend as we passed through on the train. While she lives in the states now, her home is Lugano. Of our trip, she counselled, “eat all the food.” It was my pleasure to comply. I’d like to share with you a stand-out meal from each of our […]

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But First: Chocolate

One of the first things we did in the train station in Zurich before heading south was find the nearest Spr√ľngli. Fortunately we were only steps away. We purchased a small assortment of dark chocolates for our snack on the train. Thus began our new tradition of Train Chocolate. Before each new trip we stocked […]

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Chapter Nine: London Calling

“We are going to have a long layover in Heathrow,” he said, almost apologetically when announcing the details of our flight. He didn’t do well to hide his pleasure. I immediately knew he was as excited as I at the idea. England, and all the British Isles, formed the center of all my childhood daydreams. […]

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Chapter Eight: Zurich

When booking the trip, my husband discovered it was cheaper to fly in and out of Zurich than to fly in and out of anywhere in Italy. That immediately meant we would take that romantic train trip through the alps. It also meant that I could add one more new country to my list. Switzerland! […]

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Chapter Seven: Roman Holiday

I could spend a lifetime in Rome and never lose my sense of wonder. From the centuries of innovation and discovery to the constant return to God. I think I’m most humbled by the monuments people devote lifetimes to creating to honor and worship deity. We went in reverse chronological order in Rome. This stained […]

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