Nordic Christmas: Looking Back

You know what? Planning a themed holiday was a lot more daunting before I started. In the end Nordic Christmas worked out really well. I learned a few things. The structure gave me focus on days I might have treated like any other Tuesday. And I definitely found a few new traditions I want to […]

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Recently, with each question for which I’ve sought an answer, the answer has been the same. Connection. And each time, because the question I had been asking what so big and important to me, I thought the same thing. Well that’s great. But how am I supposed to do that? I read examples of meaningful […]

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How Do You Parent?

In many ways I feel I can confidently mother my children. I use a combination of instinct, trial and error, and research. In fact my oldest son teases me that my favourite literary genre is parenting. This isn’t true, but I do read a variety of parenting books to glean bits and pieces that may […]

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