Recently, with each question for which I’ve sought an answer, the answer has been the same. Connection. And each time, because the question I had been asking what so big and important to me, I thought the same thing. Well that’s great. But how am I supposed to do that?

I read examples of meaningful connection. I tried to apply it to my own life. But I felt completely out of my depth.

How do I make space for myself in the lives of other people? How do I spend quality time with someone who doesn’t want to share the same air as me? How can I be vulnerable and open with someone who talks over me?

I understand the role that connection plays with mental and physical health. I see so many interpersonal relationships that lack this crucial element. But I also see a growing trend away from connection.

I will be the first to admit that I’m fiercely independent. It’s not easy to accept help and even harder to reach out and ask for help. But I find myself lately asking what this cost? What do I sacrifice for my independence?

err on the side of compassion
look for opportunities to practice/develop charity
offer to do specific things instead of saying “let me know if I can help”

More tea time, less parties. This may not work for everyone. However for me I find the conversations during tea to be deep and meaningful. By contrast my party-persona engages only in small talk. (Small talk is junk food.)

I have so much to learn, and to put into practice. But I feel strongly this is the answerto so many of my questions.

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