Life is Habitual, for Better or for Worse

Both of my older boys were thumb suckers. In fact I spent the better part of a decade in the stopping-thumb-sucking business. As much as I wished it was a faster process, I remain grateful for the experience.

Photo by Kyle Nieber on Unsplash

Life revolves around habits. Habits, both good and bad, control most of our day. Likewise we spend much of our lives creating and breaking habits.

I wanted my children to understand two important life lessons from their journey to break this habit:

#1 Habits are powerful, so choose wisely. Good habits can make light work of our goals. Bad habits can weigh us down for years.

#2 While habits are powerful, you are still more powerful. Getting stuck in a bad habit is not a life sentence. Don’t despair! With loving support, a determined attitude, and a plan, you can kick your bad habit to the curb.

These are lessons we all must learn eventually. I’m glad my children experienced these lessons while they were young and impressionable. Hopefully they’ll remember to choose good habits, and not give up when faced with quitting habits that no longer help them.

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