Polynesian Christmas: Honu

Hanau ka po ia honu kua nanakaFrom the darkness of time came the sea turtle with its plated back –~ Kumulipo: A Hawaiian creation chant Source: NPS I cannot overstate the importance of Honu. This ancient, amphibious creature connects the land and the water. Honu also serves as a reminder to all of us of […]

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Polynesian Christmas: Lilikoi

As great of a name as is passionfruit, lilikoi sounds even more exotic. Even if, if you ask me, it doesn’t look like much. For Christmas Eve I made Lilikoi Chiffon Pie for the family. After our last trip to Hawaii whereupon I committed to learning how to make this heavenly treat, I searched for […]

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Polynesian Christmas: Family Tiki

Tikis originate with Maori mythology, Tiki being the first man. What we know as tikis, humanoid carvings in wood, evolved across Polynesian cultures to represent and honour ancestors. Tikis guard sacred spaces. As we strive to make our homes sacred spaces – sanctuaries from the world if you will – then I thought we should […]

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Know Your Fisherman

When people ask me where I’m from, I demure. I’m never confident in the geography skills of the asker. Sometimes my easiest answer is “the Alaska part of Canada.” See? Now you’ve got a general concept of location (adjacent to Alaska, north west portion of Canada.) To be more specific I explain that I grew […]

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