Know Your Fisherman

When people ask me where I’m from, I demure. I’m never confident in the geography skills of the asker. Sometimes my easiest answer is “the Alaska part of Canada.” See? Now you’ve got a general concept of location (adjacent to Alaska, north west portion of Canada.) To be more specific I explain that I grew up just over the pass from Skagway. From there Southeast Alaska was easily within reach.

Not only that, but during the portion of my childhood when I didn’t live in the far north I lived just north of what Americans call the Pacific Northwest. Thus regardless of where I lived, salmon runs were integrated into science curriculae, field trips, and leisure activities. When given the option I always order the salmon.

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All this to say that when approached by a representative of Sitka Salmon Shares regarding their wild caught salmon, my heart lept for joy. Sitka Salmon Shares uses fish caught by independent fishermen. These fishermen own their own boats instead of working for a large corporation. This keeps the profits in the communities and encourages growth and sustainability. These wild-caught fish are promptly processed and shipped to lucky households around the country.

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Sing with me: It’s the hap-hap-happiest mail day of all!

The box I received included Coho Salmon and a filet of Cod. I cancelled all my plans the day FedEx was scheduled to arrive, unnecessarily. FedEx didn’t require my signature. I, however, was so excited. Salmon Day became practically an event.

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Keep it simple: salmon is delicious. Olive oil, salt, pepper, and heat.

We made our plans immediately. Sunday would be salmon. They normally do the heavy lifting of Sunday dinners so it was nice for us to step up. I cooked the salmon in the oven, following the very simple instructions in an old French cookbook. It is ridiculously easy and tastes delicious.

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To complete the meal we sauteed some asparagus (I prefer flash cooked but we were trying something new) as well as some crusty bread and some potatoes.

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Surprisingly, we had leftovers. Not for a lack of taste, I assure you, but the quantity of salmon we received was more than I had expected. Unsurprisingly, I don’t say the words “leftover salmon” very often. But on the rare occasions that occurs, I suggest having it for lunch with a salad.

Next up we celebrated Taco Tuesday with the cod. We try to celebrate Taco Tuesday almost every week, however we aren’t always lucky enough to do it with fish. I complemented my fish tacos with homemade fresh pico de gallo, some avocado, and some cojita cheese. Heavenly! I also loved the red, white, green colour scheme. I’m keeping it festive around here.

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Hello, beautiful.

Sitka Salmon Shares sends a new box every month with the seasonable fare, wild caught in Alaska. You can feel good about supporting local fisherman. You can feel good about sustainable fisheries. Or you can feel good about delicious food. And you can feel good about the amazing omegas you’re feeding your body. To learn more about Sitka Salmon Shares, and to sign up for the program, visit their website.

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