How Do You Bleep Your Music?

Your children hear everything. (Unless you give them a task. Of course.) I have made a concerted effort to share music with my children. For the most part, especially when they’re young, we listen to children’s music. Fortunately we have many options for children’s music across several genres. (Don’t know where to start? Try our music archives.)

However sometimes we want to listen to something else. OUR music. And sometimes our music contains words we don’t want our kids to hear.

My husband and I have different ways to dealing with this situation. When the time approaches, he will quickly turn the music all the way down and then back up. I prefer different methods. I find his act of censorship draws attention to the missing word. Perhaps it will make the children more inclined to dwell on the action and think about the missing word.

So I take a different approach. Instead of drawing attention I choose to deflect attention away. Sometimes I ask a question as the word approaches, so the kids are listening to me instead of the music. Sometimes I’ll cough, or yawn loudly.

Now, this may seem extreme. After all, with my older kids they hear far worse at school, I’m certain. Do you remember high school? It’s definitely rated R and grittier than anything on my playlist.

Photo by jonas mohamadi from Pexels

I have two reasons for choosing to censor when my kids are around. The first is that in addition to the older boys I also have a four year old. I’d like to keep him as innocent as possible for as long as possible. The second reason has more nuance. While I’m aware the kids know words we don’t use in our home and I like to hope they won’t use elsewhere, I’d like to not further normalize those words. I’d like our home (or in the case of music, our car) to be a sanctuary away from that.

I have some friends who feel I’m being silly about this. And I have other friends who have different techniques. Do you have any you want to add?

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