That the Destroyer Will Pass Over Our Home

I’ve been preparing my whole life to shop like a ninja – avoiding people. Fortunately I also have gloves and masks left over from my bathroom project in the Texas house. I venture out rarely, and when I do I make use of all the tools at my disposal to keep me safe. And when I return home I wash my clothes.

Tonight it struck me how analogous this time is to Passover for the ancient Israelites and it isn’t lost on me that this year, Jewish or not, the whole world is praying that the our homes will be passed over and spared from this virus.

It’s humbling to know that with all the safeguards I take, and all the privilege I have (a second fridge in the garage to quarantine our groceries before bringing them into the house!) there is no guarantee. There is no simple “do this and you will be safe.”

In these uncertain times, as we refocus our priorities, I find a sacred comfort in remembering the Israelites.

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