Covid Check-In

Hi friends!

Are you hanging in there? How long have you been sheltering in place? For us it’s been over a month. But I don’t have a firm grasp on time anymore so I can’t even tell you what day is TODAY, let alone how many times Groundhog Day repeats itself.

That’s what I call every day, now: Groundhog Day.

As in:

Yesterday was Groundhog Day.
Today is Groundhog Day.
Tomorrow will be Groundhog Day.

I didn’t expect my world to change a lot with our state’s Stay At Home orders. After all, I’m pretty great at staying at home. However I discovered pretty quickly that staying at home with my youngest looks a lot different when my husband is working from home, and my older sons are doing school at home.

Suddenly I had a new, all-encompassing job title: Chief Executive Productivity Facilitator. (Keeping the littlest from distracting the others so they could get their stuff done.) And you know what? That’s a much harder job than I anticipated. And it meant giving up on any productivity for myself.

But we are slowly finding things that work. And compromises. And routines. Miraculously, we have had some wonderful moments. Peaceful moments. Moments of joy and laughter. I am humbled by how blessed we are during this time of crisis. We are so lucky.

So whatever day it is today, I’m writing to say I think I’m getting my brain back. Things were pretty foggy for a while but little by little I’m adjusting to the new normal. I’m starting to think even about what I want to take from this experience and integrate into the new normal of what comes after this.

I hope you’re well.

2 thoughts on “Covid Check-In

  1. I think we’re in the same boat–finding things that work. It’s been such a weird year not doing all the regular things we usually plan to do. I’m ready for life to go back to normal. SIGH.

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