Developing Immunity

Whenever the foot soldiers of my immune system show up to work they send everyone else home. “Go to sleep,” they kindly offer. (What they mean is stay out of our way and let us work.) So while I complete my transition from human to walking 5G tower I’m going to be over here taking […]

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Subconscious Messaging

Last night I had a dream that I had a complete nervous breakdown and ended up in Hawaii with only the clothes on my back a the kindness of strangers. No phone. Nowhere to stay. No plan. The funny thing is, I didn’t think I’d been all that stressed out lately.

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O Divine Redeemer

Covid has presented me with several silver linings. One that came with a surprise was the discovery that I had never played an Easter solo (always accompanying, usually choirs.) It was a truly special experience to prepare this piece, taking myself through the final days or Christ’s life, and through some of my own dark […]

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