A week ago we got a kitten. While we’ve had a lizard for two years getting a cat was a pretty big departure from our pet-less lives.

The cat was both a long, drawn out thing and a total impulse.

We’ve had a leopard gecko for two years. He’s awesome and easy and we love him. And for a while he satiated the pet longing. And except for the tank needing a good scrub down the kids (Red) are pretty good at taking care of him. All I have to do is buy crickets on the weekly. Easy peasy.

For Christmas our gift to one of Paul’s brothers was to drive to Lansing, pick up the dog they were adopting, and drive it to the airport. She was the sweetest, fluffiest little corgi. We had a feeling she wasn’t going to work out in that tiny Manhattan apartment (we were right) and wondered if we should offer to take her. (They rehomed her in New York to someone with a yard, and other friends for Moma.) But that again got our wheels turning.

Then on Valentine’s Day our next door neighbor offered us their leopard gecko who just wasn’t thriving in the hopes that we were lizard whisperers and could save him. (I think he had a metabolic disease.) We filled him with all the love we could but he died six weeks later. This left a hole in our hearts and again we started wondering about a second pet.

Red thought he had decided what he wanted (Chinese Cave Gecko) but we hadn’t yet found one. E was still talking about getting a dog but he watches tonnes of dog shows. Paul had started talking about cats and had been surfing the local adoption sites, even though he is, yes, allergic to cats.

Then last Thursday a friend posted that her friend had kittens to give away. Paul said, “let’s talk about it” (what the what?!) and 30 hours later we had spent a few hundred at the pet store and were picking up our new baby.

She’s an absolute dream.

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