It’s A Small Mormon World

Here’s a fun story:

When I was 14 years old Juneau was not yet a stake. As a district we didn’t have our patriarch, and the nearest one would have been in Anchorage. But one day word came through that a woman from Juneau would be traveling with her father who had come to visit. They would be in Skagway on Sunday (probably the following Sunday) and as he was a patriarch if there were youth in the area in need of blessings he’d be happy to help out after church.

So we did. I believe Amy and Cameron and possibly April all took advantage of this generous surprise offering.

Several years later Paul and I were married and opening our “congratulations you got married” cards and had one from an Ed Jones.

“Hey, my patriarch was named Ed Jones,” I said. Paul said, “I grew up down the street from him.”

A fun coincidence.

A few months before Covid our temple presidency changed over and our new president is a man named Kaplan Jones. Brother of Gay. Son of Ed.

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