Pennies from Heaven

Sometimes I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for little things.

Little things like a freelance gig I absolutely love that I found quickly and I hope will keep me busy for a long while. I can hardly believe my luck.

Little things like an HSA account (and money in it!) so that when my mammogram comes back with a spot I don’t have to worry about the added cost of a diagnostic mammogram and an ultrasound to determine it is just a cyst. Not long ago that cost would have crippled us financially (and me, emotionally.)

Little things like rapid tests nearby, covered by insurance, so when a kid wakes up with a sore throat and a cough we just call the attendance line and take him to the drive through clinic. We don’t have to play the “is this a hundred dollar cough?” game. We don’t have to worry that it’s probably a cold but what if he’s potentially infecting everyone?

Little things like a house big enough for us all to be productive enough even when we are all home. An internet connection reliable enough. And a kitchen full of food in case it turns out the whole family needs to quarantine.

Little things like friends from past homes reaching out to give you updates on people you’ve left behind, giving you time to reach out and offer a final goodbye.

Yes I’m grateful for big things too. But sometimes I’m overcome with the little things. Because the little things really are big things.


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