Some Thoughts on Winter Solstice

Cross-posted from Cherry Blossoms {The Blog}. Winter solstice is a big deal in the far north. By this time of year, the days are very short and life can be very dark. We celebrate solstice because it marks the fulcrum; from now on the days which had been getting shorter and shorter will finally start […]

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The Storms of Life

Bad weather in our lives can come from numerous sources and there’s very little we can do about it. We can fortify our homes, shelter our families, and batten down the hatches, but we can’t control the duration, location, or severity of the storm. These storms can come from a variety of origins. Sometimes storms are […]

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Regarding the Man in Red

For Family Home Evening last week I sat the children down and told them that we would soon have a visitor to our home. I asked them to guess who they think it may be while I give clues, and then I’d ask them at the end to tell me who they guessed. This man […]

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on Thanksgiving

We all know the story of the Pilgrims coming to America, (even I, the Canadian, know enough about this piece of American history.) They left England (by way of Holland, by way of England, oh nevermind) in search of religious freedom. They lost one of their ships on the arduous journey, and by the end […]

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A Cookie is a Sometimes Food

Listen: This isn’t rocket science. Or brain surgery. Or astrophysics. This is basic. It’s as basic as it comes. When you eat better, you feel better. When you eat junk, you feel like junk. You know how it feels when you haven’t been eating well; you feel bloated, tired, a little depressed. It’s okay to have […]

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Moderation in All Things

The hand of God is such an amazing thing. I finally declared I was taking control of my life and actively working to lose weight and be healthier. I bought a scale (or, rather, requested that Paul buy me a scale), bought a new scale that worked, even if I had to accept that my […]

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If Music Be the Food of Gods?

So I arranged for my mother-in-law to sing in church last Sunday. I was so excited. I’ve played for her in her ward before but never in ours. She has an amazing gift to which she has devoted most of her life to cultivation. She is a professional opera singer and a bel canto somethingorother. I’m […]

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It’s Official

If you recall, last summer I was called to be the primary 2nd councilor.  With the shuffling of boundaries and leadership I was temporarily without a calling, although I spent my free agent time in primary anyway. The first Sunday after the changes I dropped off Little Red when the pres, Linda, grabbed me by […]

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Long-Awaited Changes

It had been a long time coming, but finally they combined the Glendale wards (1&3, 2&4.)  What it means is that all of us from the 4th ward are currently without a calling.  We’re promised it won’t be long.  But it feels so odd.  I’m happy, though.  It means more leadership.  It means making new […]

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