Quote of the Day

This morning while getting ready for church I was reminding Little Red that this was his last week in nursery and that next week he’d be in primary.  He’d be a sunbeam and his teacher would be Sister Prieto. “Daddy,” he said, turning to my husband, “next week I’m gonna be a sunbeam and my […]

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Primary Update

I feel like we’ve got our feet under us in primary now.  We’ve got the day-to-day things under control and that we’re a strong team as a presidency.  We’re really working to improve the spirituality of the children and to aid them in their scriptural literacy.  We especially want the children to know how much we love […]

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Bear One Another’s Burdens

I had been planning this activity for so long that when I was released from Young Women I told Kristine that I still wanted to follow through with the activity held last night.  As I had been the personal progress coordinator, I tried to plan an activity once a month that related to the theme […]

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Humbled and Thrilled

It had always been our policy that our first week in a new ward we would introduce ourselves and ask the bishopric for callings.  We like to stay busy in the church.  We did the same when we moved here, and were rewarded with some pretty heavy callings.  We were the activities committee (for the […]

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