Girls’ Day at the Getty

When Mary Ann first told me, back in December, that what she wanted to do for her birthday was to take Grace and me to the Getty Villa and to lunch, I didn’t really know what to think.  She said she figured that Grace and I looked like the most fun people in the ward […]

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He Sucks His Green Thumb

On Friday night we went out to Home Depot to buy a potted plant for a friend.  She was taking me and another girl out to the Getty and lunch in celebration of her birthday.  I had offered to drive, but I also wanted to give her a gift.  With my limited budget I calculated […]

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This is MY Year

It seems like every other day another friend announces her pregnancy.  Well, that’s an exageration, but what’s not an exageration is that a good fraction of my friends are, indeed, pregnant.  (Congratulations to Jamie whose husband just broke the news.)  I’m so happy for them.  I’m so excited in anticipation of the little peanuts’ arrivals, […]

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Ash Wednesday

I lost my babysitter yesterday.  No, not for any hugely dramatic reason, but her family is moving to Burbank (today!) and while she can still bus in and attend her same school, working for me in the evenings is just too far, too late, too dark.  She is only 14 and I understand where her […]

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One Day to Catch Up

American Thanksgiving There had been a snafu with Paul’s holiday schedule and it looked like his only day off for Christmas would be Christmas day.  As an appeasement (and conceding to Paul’s demand) they gave him the day after Thanksgiving.  His parents graciously flew the whole family out on points so that we could get […]

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Trying to Return

Life is such a funny thing.  Lately the life in my head has been too busy, too loud to get out and join the world.  I’ve been all over the place emotionally.  Our plans for the future are changing on a daily basis.  The kids are growing up so fast — I have a three […]

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words words words

Little Red eats with his shirt off.  I’m not at all ashamed of that.  We discovered when he was very young that it was much simpler to strip him down and let him feed himself (he had to learn eventually, right?) than feed him and clean the clothes afterwards.  At playgroup one day Marcy teased […]

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Old Friends Renewed

My head has been swimming lately with all the people from my past with whom I’ve regained contact.  I know it’s just a phase and once we’re all over the novelty of renewed contact we’ll go back to our day-to-day level on non-communication.  That’s just the way things are and it isn’t necessarily bad. Some […]

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