Homemade Ewok Costume

Cross-posted from Cherry Blossoms {The Blog}. For the first time in the history of our family, we set a theme for our Hallowe’en costumes. The older boys wore costumes previously purchased that they were keen to wear again, (with the encouragement of their parents who could not believe they spent so much money on costumes.) […]

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No Sew DIY Porcupine Costume

Cross-posted from Cherry Blossoms The Blog.   Do you need a last-minute costume? Maybe shipping is slow, maybe the costume is already ruined, or maybe, like me, this year has been short on time and energy and whatever else is required to get yourself organized. (And if you figure out whatever it is that’s needed […]

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Preschool: Monsters

(Not a Monsters, Inc. segment, a stand-alone monster lesson that I did a couple of days before Hallowe’en.) Monstrous Storytime “Things That Go Boo!” by Joe Fitzpatrick, illustrated by Paulette Rich Long “Ten Monsters in a Bed” adapted by Rozanne Lanczak Williams, illustrated by Kathleen Dunne “Monster Baby” by Dian Curtiss Regan, illustrated by Doug […]

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Halloween, not homemade

It took me till the end of August to finally declare to myself that I didn’t need to make the Hallowe’en costumes this year. What did I have to prove? I wasn’t saving any money by making the costumes, and I didn’t need to wear myself out. This was going to be the year of […]

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Treats without Tricks

He practiced saying “Trick or Treat!” at the top of his lungs, but as soon as the homeowners opened their doors he meekly said, “trick or treat.”  He always said, “thank you” for the candy, and followed up with wishing the homeowners “happy Halloween.”  They gushed over him and his manners before they let him […]

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Fresh from the Garden

Last night I finished Little Red’s costume, having finished Boy Blue’s the night before.  It was late, but I am so happy they are done!  Little Red danced around in his costume all morning, proudly proclaiming: “I’m a carrot!” Two months ago when I asked him what he wanted to be for Hallowe’en he named […]

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I’ve figured out the logistics of the costumes, purchased much of the material, begun cutting the pieces, and conceptualizing the rest.  I’m really excited.  Whereas last year I was still sewing on our way to the Hallowe’en party, I think this year I might actually be done in advance.  I just hope the costumes aren’t too “wierd”.  […]

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