Well Little Red has my eye infection.  Good thing we recognized the signs early!  We got him into a pediatrician before his eyes even started to hurt.  Have I said lately that I love Kaiser insurance?  Well, I do.  I hate the medical system in the US and I always feel abused and underinsured.  I […]

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The Great Escape

When Paul’s alarm went off at ten to seven on Monday morning, I was beat.  We had, of course, stayed up late with his brother the night before.  Little Red asked one of us to hop into bed with him and I told him to climb into my bed.  He rolled over and closed his eyes, so […]

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Paul’s boss met us in line at the hotel on Saturday evening to ensure that our check-in went smoothly.  (Good thing: the hotel charges $20 for a crib and he decided to foot that, too.)  As they chatted, Paul and Jim, Jim casually said, “and tomorrow is suit and tie.”  We had already turned around (within […]

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Our Non-Vacation

After much waffling, the boys and I decided to join Paul on his convention.  We went to: Just kidding, we didn’t go to New York, nor did we stay at the New York, New York in Vegas (Vegas is where the convention really was.)  We stayed at the Golden Nugget.  (Paul’s boss is a big […]

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