Red’s Head

2/1/2012 “Mummy, I feel all better!” Like you can go to school now? “Uhhh, no. Just a little bit better.” 2/2/2012 As I was telling Blue to please don’t bug Daddy, Red piped in, “unless it’s an emergency, like throwing up, or bandits.” 3/5/2012 “Daddy, I feel like there are secrets that you and Mummy […]

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Lone Star

(I wrote this a long time ago and never got around to posting it…) When we left Virginia we knew that California was only a stop before we returned to the South. Paul said, “if this thing works out, you’ll have to make sure you never badmouth the following three things: beef, oil, and football.  […]

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Booktalk: Raising Cain

As with all parenting books I’ve read, “Raising Cain” contained some parts with which I disagreed, some with which I agreed, and some from which I learned.  Below is an application of how I learned to encourage emotional literacy in Red, from last week when I was still reading the book. As we were walking […]

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Red’s Head

December 2011 (twice daily, at least.)  “Dear Heavenly Father, please bless Daddy to get a job he really really really really really likes, like getting paid to build legoes all day.” 12/17/2011  “It wouldn’t be so bad to get coal for Christmas.  Coal is a fossil, which is really cool.  It’s also a rock.  Rocks […]

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Ice Cream

Yesterday Paul was the guest chef for his friend’s weekly BYU Football Watching Party. Paul’s not particularly a BYU fan, but he does like football and there aren’t many options for a Michigan fan out here. So he prepared his amazing pork tenderloin and I made southern-style macaroni and cheese and we all feasted ourselves […]

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Red’s Head, Bad Words Edition

(overheard from the backseat between Red and his friend Big Jack) “…then there’s the S word. You should never say the S word, it’s a really bad word.” I knew that one: stupid. I actually said it this morning out of frustration and was very quickly called out for my carelessness. “Yeah, you should never […]

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Best Buds

Today I reread my blogs from the days when Boy Blue was born. I’m glad I was as honest as I was, chronicling the good and the difficult. I was so touched at what a sweet brother Red was to Blue. Tonight they stayed up an hour past bedtime, with Blue in Red’s bed, while […]

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Red Returns

We got the call from my mother-in-law that Red and his grandfather are enroute. She also relayed the following story: This morning it got to be 9am and they still hadn’t seen nor heard Red. Sleeping so late is uncharacteristic of him: he goes to bed easily and sleeps soundly all night, waking around 8 […]

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