Give Life, Get A Cookie

Cross-posted from Cherry Blossoms {The Blog}. One day when my oldest two were little a woman ahead of us in line at the grocery store commented that I looked like I had my hands full. “What do you do for yourself?” She asked. Without thinking I told her I give blood. She was more confused […]

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Matching Scars

This doesn’t bode well for Boy Blue.  Last night his older brother joined ranks with his parents with a trip to the hospital for a head wound.  Thanks to modern medicine they were able to glue him back together whereas Paul and I have both had stitches in our heads.  (Me when I was much […]

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The Truth Lies Somewhere In Between

Two weeks ago, when we spent the night at the hospital investigating Little Red’s headache and vomitting following a fall, I had the most peculiar conversation with one of the attendees (not our attending physician, but as our room was right beside the computer, we saw her a lot.)  She was wearing a Hannukah-themed srub […]

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One Day to Catch Up

American Thanksgiving There had been a snafu with Paul’s holiday schedule and it looked like his only day off for Christmas would be Christmas day.  As an appeasement (and conceding to Paul’s demand) they gave him the day after Thanksgiving.  His parents graciously flew the whole family out on points so that we could get […]

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The good:  Little Red is all better.  He hasn’t had an episode since yesterday morning, has had all normal bodily functions, and is eating solid foods again.  I’m so glad.  It was hard to see him sick, as he’s ill so rarely.  When he first got sick he was screaming; he had no recollection of […]

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Not Cement Fires

Thanks to those of you who have thought of us in SoCal this past week.  My family is safe as the fires are brush fires and not cement fires.  Those of us in the city have no need to worry for our homes, only our lungs.  Today the air quality seems to be improving, just […]

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Gratitude, a post by a junkie

It’s happened several times since Boy Blue was born that I’ve had such awful mid-back back pain that it’s caused spasms to adjoining muscles and a lot of lost sleep for me!  Last night I could feel it coming and proactively took a motrin (thank you childbirth medications!) before I went to bed.  I wasn’t […]

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Well Little Red has my eye infection.  Good thing we recognized the signs early!  We got him into a pediatrician before his eyes even started to hurt.  Have I said lately that I love Kaiser insurance?  Well, I do.  I hate the medical system in the US and I always feel abused and underinsured.  I […]

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A Bunch of Firsts

Yesterday, the first Monday of September, ABQ and her family came out.  It was the first time in eight years I had seen her or her husband, the first time I saw them as a couple, the first time I saw their three children.  Likewise it was the first time our husband’s met (wierd, I […]

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