Discovering Los Angeles: The Kids Club at the Americana at Brand and the Grove

Cross-posted from Cherry Blossoms The Blog.   For many years my Tuesday mornings have been ubiquitous with the Americana in Glendale.  Rain or shine, on the green in good weather and in an indoor space in bad weather, I would be there with my short friends bopping along to live concerts and having an all-round good time. Membership in […]

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Times and Seasons

You can’t take away your lungs and expect your body to function as it did before. They are a vital part of your well-being. For those of us who have dedicated our lives to learning an instrument, we can’t just suddenly not be a musician. Fooling ourselves into think we’re different than who we are […]

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A Work in Progress

I don’t remember how often we had piano recitals when I was growing up, but every single one of those recitals from my early days are all smashed together in the same memory. I would sit on the stairs connecting the two living rooms, with Megan Salmon and which ever other friends were there. I spent a […]

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Christmas Recital

As a grownup, when we look back on our childhood memories, many of them are snapshots of emotion and colour, the visible details a little bit blurred, and they represent either a really major event, or a summary of many events. This year we’ve had a couple things that I have stopped to hope that […]

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We are having a quiet, lazy morning. I’ve puttered, but mostly I’ve given in to the slowness of it all. I sat at the piano and played one of my old Beethoven Sonatas (Opus 14 No. 1,) allowing the week and the day to set into the music. It’s true with music that what you […]

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