With Regard To Talent

I believe that the talents with which we have been given are not the ones that immediately come to mind. I believe that the outward, obvious examples of talents are not themselves talents, but expressions of what we have done with the talents with which we have been blessed.  I believe that the world is […]

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Back to Reality

The holidays have been so wonderful. It’s been so nice to have my boys all to myself for two and a half weeks, but this morning Little Red went back to school. (For some of you reading this, yes, it does seem late, but we have many Eastern Orthodox -observing families in our school district […]

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A Catalyst for Clarity

The job was mine if I wanted it, but from the minute Amiee called me to tell me about an opening at her son’s preschool (two blocks from my home) through the following week, I never once asked myself if I wanted it. Because when it comes to money, as well all know, more is […]

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This Just In …

I’m praciting the ukulele for tomorrow’s music class: stringed instruments. (It’s my first time playing for anyone. It’s a really really simple song, and it’s one to which they’ll sing along as we learned it last month which makes it a perfect debut.) The boys are cleaning up the play doh so they can have […]

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What Was I Thinking?

Dear Internet, my mind is all a-twizzle. A twizzle? Is that even a word? For once, I don’t quite care. There’s just simply so many more important things to think about than grammar. Well there are. Mostly. Okay, great, now I feel guilty. A-twizzle is not a word and yet that’s exactly how I feel. […]

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Music Therapy

Last night my pride was bruised a bit, and the mother bear in me was angry.  The details don’t matter, and although I rehashed and overanalyzed the whole event to death, it wasn’t the biggest offense doled out by this particular person.  But last night I chose, instead of going to the kitchen to look for […]

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I awoke with sore finger pads this morning on my left hand.  Hooray!  I can only play a C chord and an F chord so far (because then Deadliest Catch was on so I had to walk away from google and practice what I had just learned.)  I’m one chord away from being able to […]

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So Happy

Have I told you lately how much I love teaching piano?  I love it.  I started teaching piano while I was still in high school.  I even got my Associates Degree in Piano Pedagogy (that’s the study of how to teach.)  This is what I was meant to do.  Everything else I’ve done with my […]

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I have new inspiration and a new focus for the next period of my life, and it all started with an accordian. Wanting to add music to our Italian class, Albe and I decided to sit in on some classes that one of the mothers was doing in the Spanish classes. Now, I’ve known Sara […]

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