A Love Story

When cooking, we often refer to marrying flavours.  We take two separate foods and usually with heat and vigorous stirring the two flavours unite to become something new and different, but most importantly, cohesive.  If foods have opinions they’d probably prefer to be left alone, not bothering to undergo a chemical transformation, but the end […]

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The Mighty Winds of Change

Hurricane-force winds blew through Southern California with so much force yesterday that everyone sat up and took notice.  They toppled trees and power lines, created widespread damage, and directly impacted everyone. In the morning Paul left for a client visit and returned home minutes later, announcing that he had had to cancel his appointment because he was being laid off. […]

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The Key to a Happy Marriage

I actually made it to book group this month. We had a great talk about “Nothing Daunted” and passed out the new book, “For One More Day.” It’s a beautiful book, and short. I finished it somewhere over middle American but enjoyed it and will likely reread it on the flight home. At one point […]

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Twelfth Anniversary

We celebrated our anniversary early, in Michigan, but that didn’t take place of enjoying our special day. Yesterday, in addition to being the day that Red came home, was a really great day. After my morning lessons, Boy Blue and I picked up Red and Gramdaddy from the airport (my father-in-law flew out with the […]

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Every creative person needs an outlet.  I’ve told you before how pleased I am that Paul has finally taken up writing again.  It’s like he’s finally had an infusion of life into him.  He’s a really smart guy, he’s compassionate, full of integrity, and a non-conventional thinker.  He is really good at his job.  But […]

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Dulac is a Perfect Place

Wednesday we played hookey.  Paul and I both took the day off work so that we could enjoy a day at Disneyland as a family — so I guess if we made the plans in advance and informed our employers/clients, then it’s not really hookey.  (The SoCal Select passes don’t work on weekends or major holidays, […]

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Dating Again After All This Time…

It was our first date in two years, and only our fourth date since becoming parents — yikes!  We had to do something quickly or we would have slipped from happily married to dysfunctional.  If anything, I’m sure we could have kept the “fun” in dysfunctional, I still think I’d rather stay happily married.  I […]

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Matching Scars

This doesn’t bode well for Boy Blue.  Last night his older brother joined ranks with his parents with a trip to the hospital for a head wound.  Thanks to modern medicine they were able to glue him back together whereas Paul and I have both had stitches in our heads.  (Me when I was much […]

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The Truth Lies Somewhere In Between

Two weeks ago, when we spent the night at the hospital investigating Little Red’s headache and vomitting following a fall, I had the most peculiar conversation with one of the attendees (not our attending physician, but as our room was right beside the computer, we saw her a lot.)  She was wearing a Hannukah-themed srub […]

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