Haikus Across America

Family play day Once a baby, now he’s five Fun at Disneyland Always miss Carla Prayers for David and their kids Rich for knowing her Farewell to LA The Land of the Long Brown Cloud Love the memories Watercolour views Rear view mirror landscaping Silver light sunset When will the hurt stop? Can the Canyon […]

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The Best Laid Plan

Your best laid plan — a monument of creativity and hope — is placed delicately on the quicksand we call life. The breeze of flexibility teases the joints of your dollhouse. Will it survive? That’s not the question. The question is: What will you make when it crumbles? Will it be better or will it […]

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Sometimes in the summer I get so caught up with enjoying summer and being free that I forget to look at the calendar. Unfortunately, the fun doesn’t assuage the guilt of missing a lesson or — worse — standing up a friend.

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Take a Picture

I stared at him Every second Of every day. I didn’t want to forget Any expression, Any detail. I tried to memorize everything. But suddenly I realized Under my watchful eye He grew up, He changed, And instead of Memorizing the past I only remember Now. His brother Reminds me a lot of him But […]

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Pulling Taffy

In the heat of the summer Tourists and locals alike Wander the boardwalk And looks at the sights. They take photos of seagulls And marvel at the curios in the shops; They stop And watch me. Time pulls me and stretches me Into shapes And spaces To refine my texture and sweeten my flavour. Time […]

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She was stunningly striking, standing out not just because of her height or her race but because of who she was. She was daringly different, at times a little gothic at times purely princess but always genuine. Out of the group I thought she would do the most (not because of potential but because of […]

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