Hold Please

If you’re going to put me on hold and play Pachelbel’s “Cannon in D” ad nausea, at least finish the song before you repeat it. The entire piece is a circle of fifths and if you fade off in the middle of some line and then start from the beginning you have an unresolved chord! […]

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Cutting Off My Lifeline

The switchover from our old dsl and phone service provider to our new dsl and phone service provider was not as smooth as we had anticipated. Frankly, I didn’t care so much about the phone, apart from being connected to our new intercom system I have little use for it. To my dismay I discovered […]

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Fie! A Pox and a Hex on You!

There’s no way I got this cold from kissing my husband morning and night. His Airborne/Zicam/Tylenol coctail shielded me from any germs that would normally have transferred during the process. It’s just as unlikely that I got this cold from my students. We all know that while they don’t wash their hands after using the […]

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Guilty Pleasures

For some it’s “The National Enquirer” and for some it’s the celebrity tabloids. I read the real estate booklets. I had been on hiatus for a few months, but picked up a “Homes & Land” on my way out of Blockbuster this weekend, after all, the prices out here really are going down. For those […]

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